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Affirm Breast Biopsy Guidance System
Our passion to offer innovative interventional tools that advance breast health fueled the development of the Affirm breast biopsy guidance system.

The Affirm system pushes the boundaries of breast care. With its dual stereotactic and groundbreaking Hologic 3D™ biopsy capabilities, radiologists can now easily locate and target regions of interest for biopsy, delivering streamlined workflow, accuratetargeting and exceptional images. As an add-on to any Selenia Dimensions digital mammography system, the Affirm system allows you to transition from diagnostic to interventional modes in just minutes.

Pinpointing breast cancer swiftly and sooner — it's all part of our commitment to early detection and accurate diagnosis. 

Compassion. Efficiency. What if you could offer both? With the Affirm system, you can. We understand the challenges of balancing quality care and streamlining workflow. The intuitive, user-friendly interface of the Affirm system is fully integrated in the Selenia Dimensions system workstation, ensuring a quick and easy transition to interventional mode. Simply attach the Affirm system to the workstation and begin your biopsy procedure. One system, multiple capabilities — in addition to stereotactic breast biopsy procedures, the revolutionary Hologic 3D™ breast biopsy option is now available. The use of groundbreaking Hologic 3D™ imaging technology to perform breast biopsies offers these key advantages:
  • Allows you to easily target lesions, including those visible only in tomosynthesis images
  • Streamlines procedure steps and speeds targeting, resulting in improved workflow and shorter patient procedure time.
  • Reduces patient dose as fewer exposures are required. (Additional purchase applies)
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