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Faxitron™ Path+ Specimen Radiography System
Bigger is Better. Optimized imaging of your largest specimens.
With no larger field of view available in the pathology market, the Faxitron Path+ system helps deliver greater efficiency for the gross lab and more timely results for the patient.
Optimize the gross lab with Faxitron Path+ system’s:
•    High-resolution imaging
•    Large field of view
•    Ease of use
•    Remote support experts (optional)
The Faxitron Path+ system provides up to 10X geometric magnification, which can image down to the smallest microcalcifications. The system selects the optimal x-ray exposure settings regardless of specimen makeup and density to ensure the highest image quality of breast tissue slices to bone decalcification.
Accommodating a broad range of samples with the large chamber and detector size, the Faxitron Path+ system allows the user to image directly in the lab. Allowing for more accuracy and a faster generation of final reports.
Faxitron™ Path+ system also known as the PathVision XL system
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Faxitron® CT Specimen Radiography System

Equipping you with the full pictureReconstruct specimens in real time with the first 510(k) cleared3D CT specimen radiography system. The Faxitron CT system scans 360 degrees and reconstructs the whole specimen volume(in 0.1 mm slices) with GPU-accelerated Real-TimeReconstruction.Cutting-edge Surgical Suite TechnologyThe Faxitron CT system is designed to achieve better surgical outcomes and improve intra operative specimen margin assessment by providing data from all 3 axes, beyond tomosynthesis.
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Trident® HD Specimen Radiography System
With the Trident® HD Specimen Radiography System, you know with certainty.

When it comes to performing breast conserving surgeries or stereotactic breast biopsies, nothing is more important than being sure.

Have the markers been captured? Are the margins clear? Are the targeted calcifications visible?
This next-generation solution taps the power of Hologic’s proven detector technology to generate sharp, highly detailed images for rapid sample verification right in the OR or procedure room.
No transporting the specimen to another room for imaging. No waiting for margin confirmation. No costly scheduling delays.
Instead, you have the quality images you need to make informed clinical decisions on the spot – to help streamline workflow, shorten procedures, and reduce recalls.
The Trident HD system’s sleek, modern, ergonomic design yields a footprint that’s 37% smaller than the original, making it easy to maneuver in a crowded room. Yet its imaging area is 71% larger to accommodate the widest range of excisions in the OR.
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Faxitron® Path Specimen Radiography System
Deliver greater efficiency and exceptional patient care.
The Faxitron® Path system focuses on the Pathologist by providing immediate access to high-resolution imaging and reporting. 
Optimize the lab with the Faxitron® Path system's
  • Large field of view
  • High resolution detector
  • Convenient point-of-care placement
  • Fast reporting
Designed with field of view guides and automatic position detection, the Faxitron® Path system provides up to 6X geometric magnification, which can locate the smallest calcifications in tissue samples to ensure accurate diagnoses.
The Faxitron Path® system provides optimal imaging for large or thin sliced specimens, resulting in fewer re-cuts.
  • The large 23 x 29 cm CMOS detector accommodates a broad range of specimens
  • The wide energy ranges from 20- 100kV
  • Optimally images from breast tissue slides and intact mastectomies to bones to fetal remains 
  • One button operation with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
Faxitron® Path system, also known as the PathVision™ system.
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