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United Imaging uMR Omega Cleared by FDA, Available in U.S. Market

World's First ultra-wide 75-cm bore accommodates a range of patient demographics experiences

"The uMR OMEGA is a significant breakthrough. With this new scanner, United Imaging addresses the needs of healthcare providers to comfortably accommodate more patients in their community including such more of the 40 percent of the U.S. population suffering obesity and the 2.5 percent of the population suffering from claustrophobia", said Jeffry Bundy Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer at UIH Solutions.

"The u MR OMEGA represents a critical advance for patients who will now have access to an enhanced patient experience and more accommodating MRI scanning environment. This FDA clearance is another huge milestone for our company, as we continually work to set standards in all modalities and make these state-of-the-art capabilities accessible to more communities in the United State and abroad. We are proud to add uMR OMEGA to our already expansive portfolio of medical imaging devices".

With an industry-leading 75-cm bore and 680-lbs table capacity, uMR Omega addresses evolving demographics in the U.S. community, not only improving patient comfort for all but creating, for the first time, an MRI for bariatric patients. The scanner adeptly serves pediatric and geriatric patients with faster scanning for both children and seniors who cannot stay still for long periods of time. Healthcare providers can offer new services, such as acute imaging in the emergency room with an ultra-fast 5-minute stroke protocol and cardiac imaging with a single breath-hold that significantly reduces the number of required scans.

For more information about uMR OMEGA contact us.

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