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SecurView Workstation


Our mission to protect and preserve the lives of your patients fuels the development of advanced technologies that extend across the Hologic continuum of products, including our image viewing and analysis solutions. 

One such line of systems is the SecurView workstation, which includes the SecurView DX. This system offers flexible and comprehensive interactive diagnostic tools that allow radiologists to see more clearly and work more efficiently — paving the way to improved patient care.

SecurView DX workstation:

  • Optimized for diagnostic viewing of both 2D and 3D™  images.

  • Industry’s most advanced workflow and image manipulation tools for optimized productivity.

  • Instant two-way communication between radiologists and technologists using Dimensions acquisition workstation.

  • Architected for multiple workstation support with the addition of the SecurView Manager, providing instant access to images at workstations throughout the enterprise.

  • Automatic retrieval of prior images.

  • Automatic synchronization with RIS, reporting, and dictation systems using the optional Application Synchronization software.

  • Review of additional breast imaging modalities, such as ultrasound and MRI, with the addition of color displays and the MultiView MM software option.

  • Advanced display of computer aided detection (CAD) results in conjunction with ImageChecker product. 

  • Ability to display Quantra breast density software results with one click. 

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