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uCT 530 ⎮ 20/40 Slice
Poised. Proficient.
The uCT 530 is equipped with the Z-Detector, a fully integrated detector independently developed by UIH which helps improve the image quality while reducing the radiation dose.
Ultra-Low Noise Z-Detector
The Z-Detector greatly shortens the signal transmission path and produces a near lossless digital signal, based on its advanced design. The Z-Detector reduces the image noise and delivers excellent image quality along with a low radiation dose. The 22 mm of coverage of the Z-Detector, coupled with a 0.5 second rotation speed, enables the uCT 530 to complete the scan in a very short period of time.
Iterative Denoising Technique 
The customizable KARL 3D iterative denoising algorithm maintains consistent image quality with a reduced dose. KARL 3D can also be combined with MAC metal artifact correction algorithm to process scan data of patients with metal implants which will eliminate metal artifacts and reduce image noise.
Highly Efficient Workflow
  • High Throughput Hardware Platform
    uCT 530 is equipped with a 5.3MHU X-ray tube with fast heat dissipation capacity of up to 815kHU/ min, which ensures a fluid clinical workflow and offers high throughput.
  • Easy-Logic Intelligent Prediction Platform
    The Easy-Logic intelligent prediction platform can predict the user’s next operation and initiate the system’s preparation ahead of time. Factors such as tube preparation and early rotation of the gantry ensure for a seamless and efficient scanning process.
  • uECO Energy-Saving Module
    The uECO shortens the time needed to stabilize the system after standby. The energy saving module reduces the power consumption of the CT system and the HVAC system.
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