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uDR 596i ⎮ Floor Mounted
uDR 596i is a revolutionary automated floor-mounted high-resolution DR system with wireless flat panel detectors.
Intelligent Control for Efficient Workflows
Advanced and Intuitive LCD Touch Screen
An elegant and light user interface designed to display essential patient positioning and user information all at once to ensure better patient verification.
Automatic Light Field Collimator
Automatic light field collimator provides rapid and precise irradiation field setup before each exposure, reducing unnecessary radiation dose to the patient.
Automatic Tube-detector Tracking System
Synchronizes movement between the X-ray tube 
and the flat panel detector which significantly reduces 
positioning time.
All-In-One Workstation
United Imaging Healthcare’s workflow-centered design language enhances efficiency for all examinations and post-processing.The system’s intuitive interface provides seamless navigation between patient registration, image acquisition, image browsing, image verification, printing and more.
Wireless HD Flat Panel Detectors
Built-in Capabilities
  • Large Coverage Wireless HD Flat Panel Detector 
    The 17" X 17" large HD Flat Panel Detector is acclimated to a wide range of imaging and positioning requirements. The Cesium Iodide (Csl) based detector is built for durability and offers high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) and spatial resolution. 
  • Built-in Super Capacitor 
    Achieve larger power storage and longer usage. The built-in charger eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements and ensures uninterrupted examinations. 
  • Built-in Detector Charging
    The detector charges continuously within the wall bucky or under the patient table, ensuring consistent detector performance.
Automatic Stitching Technology
Automatic Stitching Technology offers high-quality panoramic imaging for improved clinical diagnosis, especially in orthopedic imaging. Automatic Measurement Technology is a unique feature capable of assisting in the preoperative and postoperative evaluation of the corresponding orthopedic surgical procedures.
Automatic Tube-Detector Tracking
Automatic Tube-Detector Tracking synchronizes movement between the X-ray tube and the flat panel detector, which significantly reduces positioning time. Built-in safeguard functionality ensures operator and patient safety.
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