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uMI 550 24cm Axial Field of View

Digital. Accessible.

Combining strengths of the SIPM based 24cm Axial FOV PET with Integrated Light Guide Digital Detector and the 80-slice CT with Z-Detector, uMI 550 offers a full field of view for ultra-high resolution and high sensitivity.

Integrated Light Guide Digital Detector

Integrated light guide (ILG) design improves light collection efficiency and time resolution to ensure exceptional image quality. SiPM (Silicon Photomultiplier) technology increases quantum efficiency to reduce signal loss and improves image quality.

80-slice CT with Z-Detector

Ultra-low Noise Design Architecture of the Z-Detector enables direct output of loss-free digitized signal which achieves not only overall noise reduction but also dedicated balances between low radiation dose and high-resolution image quality.

Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution

  • Clarity - 2.9mm Ultra-high NEMA Resolution Full FOV high resolution imaging.

  • Sensitivity - 11cps/kBq High Sensitivity, Low Dose, high resolution.

  • Speed - 24cm Axial FOV for faster patient scanning.

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