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uMI 780 30cm ⎮ Axial Field of View
Precision. Efficient.
Combining the strengths of the SIPM based 30cm Axial FOV PET and the 160-slice CT. The system offers extra-large axial field of view, enables ultra-low patient dose, and produces superior high image resolution.
Integrated Light Guide Digital Detector
The integrated light guide (ILG) digital detector helps overcome the limits of conventional technologies, reduce data transmission loss and enhance the system’s performances and stability.
30cm Ultra-large Axial FOV
Large axial FOV for fast imaging - A whole-body scan can be completed in as few as 3 bed positions and 5 minutes for fast throughput and improved patient comfort.
Clarity for imaging - Full Field of View Resolution
  • Clarity
    2.9mm Ultra-high NEMA Resolution Full FOV high resolution imaging
  • Sensitivity
    16cps/kBq Ultra-high Sensitivity Low dose, high resolution
  • Speed
    30cm Ultra-large Axial FoV For a full organ coverage
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