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uMR 570 ⎮ 70cm Wide-Bore 1.5T
Wide-Bore. Rediscovered.
The uMR 570 was designed with a short-150cm magnet and 70-cm wide bore to achieve a new standard in magnet field uniformity, ensuring high-resolution, imaging quality, and convenient examinations up to a 50cm large FOV.
Uniform Magnet
The new 150cm short superconducting magnet generates a uniform magnetic field, ensuring a strong foundation for superior imaging. UIH New Magnet Design is a perfect combination of magnetic uniformity and spaciousness.
70cm Wide Bore
70cm Wide Bore for Comfort and Flexibility. Uniting a high-performance MR system with an ultra-wide bore, uMR 570 makes it easier to perform versatile applications with fast imaging with a comfortable patient experience.
Efficient Workflow
  • Real-time Image Viewing
    Real-time image viewing provides an image preview for the current acquisition.
  • Real-time View of Scan Progress
    A dedicated scan monitor is available, providing an intuitive and instant view of ongoing scans.
  • Patient-Oriented Workflow
    Multiple patients can be managed simultaneously via our Patient-Oriented Workflow procedure.The current exam status for each patient can be readily identified and accessed from the patient tab.
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