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uMR OMEGA™ | 75 cm Ultra-Wide-Bore Access. Uncompromised.

The uMR OMEGA is the first 75 cm, ultra-wide bore 3.0T MRI with a 60 cm field of view and high homogeneity. Advanced technology makes it possible to expand access to MR in your community. The system includes industry-leading table weight capacity, a 3.5 MW gradient amplifier, and a calming lighting environment.



uMR OMEGA™ is thoughtfully designed to expand current access to MRI by combining many breakthrough innovations that provide additional diagnostic information throughout the expansive 60 x 60 x 50 cm field of view. Its technology includes high homogeneity, a powerful GPA, and the ultra-wide, 75 cm bore.

uCS 2.0 Platform​

The uCS Platform enables efficient application of compressed sensing with a routine clinical workflow for 2D, 3D, and 4D MR exams. The next-generation uCS imaging technology pushes clinical boundaries of isotropic resolution and dynamic imaging speed.


  • uCS Imaging Technology - CS combines the strength of conventional acceleration technologies and innovative compressed sensing, breaking through the limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 36x and high, sub-millimeter isotropic spatial resolution. 
  • uCS Processing Engine - The uCS Processing Engine is a high-performance computing technology that includes memory, data network, and premier CPU. The intelligent reconstruction algorithm complements the outstanding computational power, resulting in ultra-fast reconstruction.
Technology Required for Ultra-Wide Imaging 
  • Next-Generation GPA with 3.5 MW peak power
  • Gradient Performance of 45 mT/m & 200 T/m/s
  • 0.029 ppm @ 30 DSV Homogeneity (Typical)
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