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uCT 550 copy.png
uCT 780 ⎮ 160 Slice

Precision. Accelerated.

The uCT 780 is equipped with the Z-Detector which allows for a low dose data acquisition, while the fast rotation speed of the system improves cardiac scan quality and the control system boosts the speed for scanning and reconstruction.

uCT 550 ⎮ 40/80 Slice

Powerful. Proven.

The uCT 550 features the Z-Detector with an Ultra-short Transmission Length, Ultra-low Electronic Noise and a Lower Dose per Millisievert. The system delivers an optimal signal-to-noise ratio and superior image quality.

uCT 760 ⎮ 128 Slice

Performance. Profound.

The uCT 760 features a fully integrated Z-Detector. The ultra-low electronic noise of the Z-Detector, along with an uncompromising imaging chain, greatly improves the clinical user experience.

uCT 530  20/40 Slice 
Poised. Proficient.

The uCT 530 is equipped with the Z-Detector, a fully integrated detector independently developed by UIH which helps improve the image quality while reducing the radiation dose.

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