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uMR 570 ⎮ 70cm Wide-Bore 1.5T

Wide-Bore. Rediscovered.

The uMR 570 was designed with a short-150cm magnet and 70-cm wide bore to achieve a new standard in magnet field uniformity, ensuring high-resolution, imaging quality, and convenient examinations up to a 50cm large FOV.

uMR 780 ⎮ 65cm Wide-Bore uCS 3T

Fast. Exquisite.

The uMR 780 ushers in a new era of rapid imaging with uCS compressed sensing, breaking through limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 16 and sub-millimeter isotropic resolution down to 0.5mm or less.

uMR 790 ⎮ High Performance 3.0T

Performance. Unprecedented.

uMR 790 with Ultra-High Gradient Performance and unique uCS compressed sensing platform is enabling new levels of performance in spatial resolution and dynamic acquisition speed for cutting-edge neuroimaging and research.