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uMR Omega ⎮ 75 cm Ultra-Wide-Bore 3.0T

Access. Uncompromised.

The uMR OMEGA is the first 75 cm, ultra -wide bore 3.0T MRI with the 60 cm field of view and hight homogeneity. 

Advance technology makes it possible to expand access to MR in your community. The system includes industry-leading table weight capacity, a 3.5MW gradient amplifier, and a calming lighting environment.

uMR 790 ⎮ High Performance 3.0T

Performance. Unprecedented.

uMR 790 with Ultra-High Gradient Performance and unique uCS compressed sensing platform is enabling new levels of performance in spatial resolution and dynamic acquisition speed for cutting-edge neuroimaging and research.

uMR 780 copy.png
uMR 780 ⎮ 65cm Wide-Bore uCS 3T

Fast. Exquisite.

The uMR 780 ushers in a new era of rapid imaging with uCS compressed sensing, breaking through limits of both speed and resolution with a maximum acceleration factor of 16 and sub-millimeter isotropic resolution down to 0.5mm or less.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 1.38_edited.png
uMR 570 ⎮ 70cm Wide-Bore 1.5T

Wide-Bore. Rediscovered.

The uMR 570 was designed with a short-150cm magnet and 70-cm wide bore to achieve a new standard in magnet field uniformity, ensuring high-resolution, imaging quality, and convenient examinations up to a 50cm large FOV.

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